Need constructive feed back on a map area I made

Title is pretty much self explanatory.

Here is the game, I’m all ears.


Looks very detailed, I like how you made a blue strip round the edges. Its quite small so I can’t say much more about it but excellent job, good luck on whatever your making with it!

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Hey, this is a great build. I love all the different layers of your build. Even the ceiling has added layers (as opposed to flat walls/ceilings). All the colors look great and compliment each other very well. Great job!

Can you add some screenshots? I can’t play the game right now.

The build is fairly plain and unfinished i wouldn’t really call it a map since your more focusing on the object that’s placed down. It also nails try making the red - blue glowing objects connect to each other mainly joining the two sides together. Do you mind adding information on what your going for? Or add images for those who can’t join to view your build?

Regarding the build itself, it looks a little early in development perhaps you could throw some nails in the flooring or edges try making the floor connect to the build. The object sort of has a “Sci - fi” theme implemented to it i’m sure this is some sort of build for a map your currently making?

For a map, it’s extremely small and unfinished from my point of view. Try making both of the siding lines glow together, you could even add layers of them around the ceiling joining together if that’s ever needed. There could be a lot more details, put into your build nails, different shades of colors or materials.

I advise that you put more information into your thread including images and make the title more specific it’s more of a build then a actual map. At the start it’s good just a bit early in develo

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You’re at a very early stage with this build. I can make out that this is supposed to be a futuristic theme of sorts, but what is this area of the map for? The area and purpose of architecture has an influence on how it looks and how an individual will perceive it. The floor is good, but overall you could use color variations or texture variations in your wall design depending on what the space is for.