Need constructive feedback on this build |

Hi, I need feedback on a build I am starting…


This build will be for sale, as a bakery!


The black color is throwing me off from the asphalt. There is a heavy issue with coloring. You might consider adding a color palette to fix that.

Structure-wise is nearly fine in contrary to the colors. Interiors can hardly be judged, no comments there.

There is a Z-index fight on the road edge on the 2nd screenshot. You might change the height of one part by 1/1000 precision.


Looking alright, probably would do a wood floor style for inside the bakery. The coloring is a bit strong as in bright and very bold. Might wanna tone down a little bit .


The lights are throwing me off a bit. They wouldn’t really be shining like this in daytime, image


The building looks quite good, like all the different details you added to the 'Bakery" and the map itself however. There seems to be a couple of things to change/add to your map to look more better!!

Black Text
As by looking at the text on the wall part. Where you go to park at the “Night” text seems to be more darker then the text besides! it i’ll probably turn the color a bit down, or re-size the parts to look more like the text that next to, it to look more decent! as it looks a little to big i’ll fix that a bit more. Or add a different color to it so it wont look to dark in the night time!!


Street Lights/Trees
As @lSteveRogersl said above the lights shouldn’t been shining in the daytime, i’ll turn them off to look more better. And add a night cycle so the lights can come on in the night! as for the trees i see that you (copy & pasted) them all through the. Map area you should make different styles, of trees or add some bushes, rocks, flowers, potted plants, ect. To the bakery and the map area, i would recommend that as it looks a little plain on the first image.

The building looks really detailed. In the outside area and the inside area but it doesn’t seem to be that much. Details in it you could maybe add some potted plants, next to the door area or in the outside area! and implement different trees, by the bakery and add more benches! to it as i could only see. There is only one of them in the second image…!

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So far I feel this build is amazing! You could add a beach or some type of sandy area; I feel it could really fit in with what you’re creating.

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The build looks pretty good so far, the only thing I suggest would be the black flooring and walls, I would use a more lighter color to make it more eye appealing. Other than that it looks great! :smiley:

Adding to that, the OP could use Quenty’s Dynamic Light Pole to take advantage of the lighting features of the engine. The model offers configurable settings and if you just want the light, it is easily obtainable.

they werent scripted at that point in time.

The structure, and the build itself look great. There’s a few things that could be changed, as many others said. One thing that I’d change would be the texture on these lines: image

Typically where I live, they’re just painted on. I feel like you should make them plastic or smooth plastic, as that texture doesn’t feel right. Either way, the build looks really good. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

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Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:
I will change that ASAP.

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