Need Feedback and a Team for a game Idea I have

Hello I’m look for a team to maybe rebuild or fix up and publish a game idea. so a few months ago I made a demo of a game idea I had but never finished it cuz I’m a scripted so my gui and building skills are not that good. Any Feedback to make the game better would be vary helpful

Game Link: [Demo] Forest Chopping Simulator - Roblox

Thanks :blush:

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Hey I saw you in-game, I was Sidglz.

So I actually like this game a lot, I’m no Gui designer but honestly I didn’t have any problems with gui. The tutorial was really helpful and told me everything I had to do.

I think the main goal that you should be focusing on, is satisfaction. There are a couple things you could add to make that better.

First, autochopping, I think that the game would feel a lot nicer if you could hold down the axe button instead of spamming it.

Second, effects for when you hit a tree? I was thinking just really particles that drop when you hit the tree, pretty simple.

Three, make tree chopping faster and maybe make two different animations play whilst you are chopping, I think that could add a lot to the satisfaction. When chopping down trees, I found it very unsatisfactory how slow the chopping animation was.

This game has a boat load of potential, and there is much more it needs before it reaches perfection. Keep working on this game and one day you will have a hit!

I hope to read future updates on the progress of your game!

Thanks for the Feedback. I have been thinking about adding autochopping for a bit and now I’m going to. I have also made a tree chopping effect and fall effect just never put it in the game

if you want to check out the effects I made them for another game idea I had
game link: Lumber Land - Roblox

I really think so as well that’s why I’m looking for a team to make all custom models cause right now the pets are just free models as you could see

I think that picking up blender modeling is a really useful skill, I learned how to make games all on my own, I found working with a team usually very difficult, but that was my experience not yours.

It can be rewarding to make something on your own, and your models weren’t that bad, the anvil at the upgrade area could be reworked though lol.

Yeah I know how to use blender I made all the models in the game but the pets I think I could do it I just lack ideas I guess

Yeah some times it can be but it can also help to have less work on your hands

When it’s a clicking, collecting or breaking simulator, the concept wouldn’t be original or extraordinary at all, but if well localized and monetized you’ll still profit :+1:

It’s pretty good and would probably make it to the front page given good enough advertising.

The boost mechanics definitely set it apart from other simulator games I’ve seen, they break up the monotony pretty well. Same for the TNT.

I have one minor issue, and that is that the boat doesn’t have any obervable effects when you switch islands. I thought it was broken until I looked around after about 5 tries. Maybe add a little animation or something.

I probably can’t join your team because I’m not experienced at all with building or UI design.

Thanks for the feedback I will add a sailing animation when you teleport to a island :slight_smile:

There should be a “continue” or skip tutorial button for the tutorial GUI because it is taking way too long to finish.

Never mind, figured it out. Maybe have a text saying “Click on the GUI to continue” so that way it is not confusing?