Need Feedback for a Homestore I've Made!

Hey there! So I’ve worked on a “Aesthetic” Homestore for my upcoming clothing group. Although it’s done, I’m failing to collect some ideas on how to make it much better before I advertise my game to public.

Note: Some Mini Stores are empty, I’m waiting to fill those up very soon!

Game Link:




Can you supply us with some screenshots? Currently I can’t join.

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Looks, good I love the colours and the vibe music playing on the background.

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Looks very good! Keep it up! The only thing I would change is the way you chat with the Npc otherelse it’s perfect!

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The home-store is really nice overall, but you can improve on it…
1.) Use a texture for the floor, you can find some textures in toolbox.
2.) Change the stools to smooth plastic, because who in the world would want to sit on a concrete stool. Lol.
3.) Put the most time played sign where people are going to see it, I would put it on a frontal wall from spawning instead if it were me.
4.) For the vending machine, maybe make some soda cans in Blender. Or get the Bloxy Cola from the gear catalog, because the drinks/cans that are in there look bland.
5.) After staying in the game for a while, I found that the same soundtrack keeps playing. I would recommend adding more soundtracks. Although the one sounds nice by itself, its always nice to have more.
6.) If this is an ATM, it seems way to tall for a ROBLOX Avatar.

7.) Maybe add a mannequin at the outdoor bar, for decoration.
8.) If that is a garage door, I would recommend making it metal. Because I have never seen a garage door made of concrete, but that is just my opinion.
9.) For the mannequins/rigs or whatever you want to call them, I would have the Co-Founder and or the Founder mannequin say something like “Welcome to (home-store name goes here) don’t forget to join the group!” Or, “Like what you see, then join the group!” -But those are just examples
10.) And to conclude this long post, I think the build just needs to be improved and revamped overall, with textures and more decoration.
-Hope this feedback helps!


Looks nice! Here are some recommendations:

  • Add some more items in the outdoor space like trashcans, dumpsters, street lamps, etc.
  • Add some furnishing on the inside of each store. Right now the stores that are furnished seem pretty bland. I would add some mannequins in the middle space with clothing and some seating. You could also add some decorations like wall art and potted plants.
  • Try making some of the facades a little different. Right now, the upper area of each store looks almost identical, so I would change it up a bit. Try messing around with the heights of each building so they are not all the same.
  • Some of your texturing is a bit odd. I notice you use concrete for a lot of it, but I would recommend trying to use textures that make sense for the item you’re making (like make the ATM/vending machines metal).
  • Make some items interactive, just for fun. You could make the vending machine functional (when you click on it, you get a soda tool, or something like that)
  • Make the walls on each storefront a bit thicker just to make it more realistic.
  • Add some trees! It would look great with some greenery. Maybe you could make the road a bit wider and add a median in the middle with some trees growing out of it.

Great job!

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