Need feedback for my game (released soon)

I think I finally made all this game and want to release soon.
Pls come and test it lastly.
You can feedback about everything to me(bug,sound,gui,build,game-mechanism,funny,…)

Game rule = Choose the proper position and fall to get most points
Time for 1 round = 3 minutes


Hi MrdmIxo

I just played your Roblox game, and your game had copyrighted material like (“Never Gonna Let You Up”) by Rick Astley. Also, I don’t get the point of game itself. Which in other hands means confusing. If I had to rate this out of 10 it would be a 6/10 needs more understanding and working scripts since I just fall to the void tryna get points. I also recommend removing the copyrighted material which can give you a DCMA warning by Roblox or delete your Roblox Game. The map and lobby look very nice.

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I now making tutorial to tell the point of this game.
What about lagging? some people pick the lagging as another problem of mine

Also, I didnt know that sound may be warned by roblox.
It was small, short and voice modulated.
Fortunately, I havent warned about that. I like that sound so I’ll keep that before warning

I think overall confusing of mine may be solved slightly during fixing these upper.
Thank you for advice!

sorry for not answered in game. I was not there in that time…

I had no lag issues during playing. I reached a max of 60 FPS cause of Roblox FPS limit. It might be of players on mobile. You might want to have a mobile tester to see if it’s true that in mobile devices the fps drops quickly. Nothing other of that, the game seems fine. By the way, it’s ok if you didn’t respond to me in game.

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I think you must reduce lagging. Many roulette rolling then I got a few lagging

The fact that you haven’t been moderated or warned yet shouldn’t be a means of reasoning to keep such copyrighted material in the experience. Sorry, but that’s just how copyright law works.