Need Feedback for my low poly haunted house

Hi everyone , So I made this recently for an upcoming game but I just need some feedbacks to improve it more! Thanks! :slight_smile:

More fog!


it looks nice :smile: i like the look of the skybox

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Looks really nice however, I think it would be more spookier if the lighting was dark and foggy. Overall, great work!

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Looks sick!
Maybe add a little grave to add a touch of spookiness??

I love it! and its better than anything i could make :stuck_out_tongue:
Maybe a pathway from the road to the house?

I tried but it looked bad …

Looks really great. But plastic textures in my opinion doesn’t make it look really haunted. Another suggestion is make the grass not green. Another suggestion is make the grass like yellow or something, because green grass doesn’t really fit.


From what I can see is that the tower spike is round thought the the building itself is blocky
iv’e seen people do this alot and personally I don’t like the looks, either (if I was you) i’d make the tower circular or the other way round…

Other than that the build has a nice feel to it and I like the use of dead trees, keep up the work :+1:


It’s really cool build however the tower’s roof is rounded and it doesn’t really match the house considering the house is blocky itself, the roof also looks weird from under where a big portion on the left has a pretty big overhang but on the front there’s a tiny overhang, also in my opinion the tower lacks details such as windows and the tower is too high in my opinion. but other than that it looks great.

Also maybe add a small dirt path from the road to the house and what’s that block you’ve selected on the second picture over the tower?

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I really like it! Normally I’m not a fan of low-poly stuff, but you really pulled it off well!

And beautiful skybox too! If possible, you mind sharing it?