Need Feedback of a build of me coding and building

So recently, I was creating a build of me coding/building since I thought it’d be fun. Anyways, I’d love to see your opinions on it. Also, try spot the exp_lol123 hiding in these pictures:




This was made in Roblox Studio.
I’d really like feedback on this, anyways thank you for reading.

Tell me if you found the exp_lol123 hiding in all of these pictures :happy1:


Looks like a stand still dose it move ?

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What do you mean by does it move?

The hands of your avatar does it hit the keyboard the the arms going up and down

No, this is just a freeze frame.

Oh that’s still cool
Lol the30 characters thing

I have a question, did you spot the other exp_lol123 in the pictures?

Yes I did and I thought it was funny and unique that you did that

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