Need feedback on cafe


I’m mxxnlxss, I’m mainly a GFX Artist and programmer, but I started doing some building so I would really appreciate if I could get some feedback on this cafe that I made, I have only made the exterior. If I get some good feedback then I might consider putting it for sale.

Please keep in mind that I just started building and I know I am not the best, so I would like to have some constructive critism as well.

Please let me know all your ideas to make it better and what you like about it. :slight_smile:



My idea is to switch this topic to the correct category, #development-support:building-support.

The title confuses me, this isn’t a portfolio so your username shouldn’t be in the title. If you consider seeking feedback a portfolio, then you would specialize in “Need feedback on cafe” because after “|” is what the user specializes in (proper format: Username | Specializations (ie building)). Edit: just change the name to feedback on cafe, and switch the category, please.

For the feedback…

  • The exterior is basic but still manages a modern style.
  • The terrain is horrible; too close to the surface, not smooth enough, bad terrain blend.
  • Interior is empty, and looks hard to fill due to large size.

Edit 2: Sorry for making you read this mess, edited this post accordingly (as in fixing the wording).

This is the wrong category for it the right one is building support

Oops, sorry wrong category. I will fix it.


Hello there!
My feedbacks one the map are these:

First of all icy part doesn’t look good.

Looks like this part of the map is floating. So I suggest you to put a stand there.

Would be nice if you really added the logo :slight_smile:

Thank you for reading. Good luck. :+1:

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Thank you so much for your feedback, I will definitely make these changes.

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