Need feedback on GFX

I’ve been pretty busy with different stuff for a longer while and yesterday I decided to start working on some art. I’d like to get some feedback since it’s my first one in a while and I feel like needs some small polishing before I get to work on more.

Note: it’s pixely right now but I’ll be blurring it a little once I’m done to make it smoother.


For a start, it’s really great! It looks three dimensional without using a lot of details and having minimal shading.

I know you said it looks “pixely” but a GFX can look pixelated without looking shaky. I recommend tuning in your “linework” for a neat, finished effect. You don’t need to blur it to correct anything. To be frank, it looks like a paper cut out. (Not necessarily a bad thing.)

Even though it looks 3D with very little shading, it also looks kind of, for lack of a better word, boring. Try some highlights, especially on the horns for that really “realistic” effect.
I highly recommend you up the contrast. Make your shadows darker, add bright, “shocking” highlights.

Also, the areas I have highlighted look a little wonky. The audience is looking at it straight on, so it is doubtful that they would see the underside the mushroom. I suggest removing it completely, because it gives the appearance of a skewed perspective.

With that said, good job!


For your first graphic of this type, this is quite impressive! You’ve managed to capture the iconic elements of your character’s design and have succeeded in making it recognisable. Here are some of my suggestions as to how you could improve on it further.

Constructive Feedback

1. Face Colour

The character’s face appears quite grey in the graphic. In reality, this part of the face is more white. I’d suggest increasing the brightness of this part of the image to try and capture that.

2. Shading

The shadows projected on the character also appear to be missing in some areas. The direction of the shadows at the side of the face and beak would suggest there is light being emitted from the top-right of the image.

However, there is a noticeable absence of shadows around the bottom-left edges of the mushroom cap. A shadow right below the cap’s brim is also absent. I’d suggest adding some additional shadows in these areas for some added realism.


Constructive feedback aside, I’m still very impressed that this is your first graphic of this kind! As I’ve mentioned before, you’ve managed to capture the look of your character quite well and at a glance, I knew it was Krunnie.

I hope my feedback is helpful. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your graphic work! :smile: