Need feedback on horror game

I have spent the last month on creating a horror game called “Maze survival”.
I really like the game, and I’m thinking about sponsoring/advertising it. I need to make sure this game is good enough to get views, and I need to know what I can do to improve the gameplay.
The game is not done of course, this is what I am planning to add:

Seems like a fine game, but here’s a couple of suggestions:

  • Add a sprint mechanic.
    -It is currently hard to run away from monsters once you come across them

  • Capitalize the game name
    -The game’s name would be better and probably more successful if it were “Maze Survival” instead of “Maze survival.”

Overall nice game!

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I just added the sprint mechanic you asked for and I’m really happy with it, thank you for the suggestion. I also changed the name, much better now.

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Just finished checking out your game.
One thing I really like is that because of the large amount of hallways it is common to have a close encounter from one of the ‘monsters’ because of the thick fog. Something unique I liked was the usage of keycodes. Maybe you could have the Map voting be selected with keycodes as well.

For the monsters, I think you should definitely add a Sound with a RollOff with each of the monsters.
Personally I think it would be cool if there were holes in some of the walls where you would have to run to, to avoid and hide from the monsters. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thank you for the suggestion, this definitely helps🙂

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