Need feedback on my clothing

Shalom, Ive been doing clothing for about ~5 months, and I think Im pretty good at it, but some of it still looks pretty plastic and boring. What can I do about it and what would you say the general quality is?

A few outfits

I came to the forums to look for a job as a clothing designer, I think getting one wont a problem, since I havent seen anything like the stuff I do on the forums.


These are unique and amazing! The amount of detail incorporated into each piece is outstanding. I can’t believe you’ve only been designing for around 5 months. If you were to be commissioned, I recommend branching out and trying other styles so you can also be commissioned for other styles.

The only problem is, clothing like this isn’t highly requested as frequently. At the moment it is aesthetic, which you might consider trying out.

You have done shading well too!

If you ever want to learn another style of clothing, feel free to PM me and I can help or just provide feedback on pieces!


WOW! As a retired clothing designer, I can understand thinking how all the clothing looks completely plastic and boring. This is really good, I love the shading!

What did you design these for?


I made these outfits for fun, practice and to fill my future portfolio

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Nice. I used to make just Town and City stuff.

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