Need feedback on my first gfx

I need feedback on my work; First gfx!



First of all, it’s good for the start, the lighting and use of reflection is quite done well done i just feel like you could try throwing more into the scene the posing structure is good perhaps experiment into adding lighting on the other side of the user. The way the player posing looks here and there the torso looks like it’s not connected however that isn’t a big issue.

The scene looks fine to me it captures that decent approach the shadows are good but they look a little heavy that could be caused by the low lighting source. Otherwise it’s a good approach continue to create more different types of artwork to improve your graphic designing skills. :slightly_smiling_face:

I recommend adding an area or point light behind the character to give it a rim light. Good job with the first one.

It looks so great and with good details even though it is your first gfx, for me to add a little light to the face and it would look good

This is a good GFX to start with when your w beginner. I like the post and the atmosphere. The lighting is smooth and clean, you can turn on Bloom to make it even cooler.

so far so good :+1: but you might need to give out more attention to posing for the robloxian so you can give it life not a piece of plastic being moved around.