Need feedback on my game!

Would be greatly appriciated for some feedback on my game!

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You should make it so players have something to do when they are waiting and should probably make the lobby a bit bigger since it’s really small, other than that very great presentation keep working on it!

Okay will do! Thank you! :slight_smile:

is it easy to understand or not?

Oh also, it’s kind of a very simple concept but like It’s actually really fun

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thank you!!! :laughing: :grin:

Of course, also you should add enemies that will get in the way of the player on some maps because it is very easy to just find the notes and all that, and I love how they change it’s awesome

yes i was thinking about doing something like that.

Yeah, that is up to you but I think it’d really be a great addition


–30 charssssssssssssssss

Also, you shouldnt have made the badges for the game until you started getting revenue, but nonetheless still awesome

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oki, i just had extra robux and had no idea what to do with it

Wait I finished two rounds and it’s been the same map over and over, is there only one map?

no there is 4, what one was it?

The one with the rusty cars, it’s been loading that one only

i havent really made the map chances equal yet but am close to it

oh the garage… odd

–30 char

Also you should make the game singleplayer because other people can abuse the code door and mess people up

ye i noticed that yesterday im thinking of adding a one minute reset and killing players if they are there for too long

Oh, and exploiters can noclip through the door into the white part you have if you dont have a proper check or anti exploit, you should probably fix that since I’m guessing you dont have anti exploit for no clip