Need feedback on my new FPS game Blox Royale!

Hey everyone! I just released my new FPS game and I’m looking for some feedback on the game as a whole as well as how to boost playtime specifically.

Please let me know of your feedback, thanks! :slight_smile:


The game looks great. Very polished. But there are some things I could give some feedback on.

  1. The gravity is too high. It is difficult to jump around sometimes because of this.
  2. When you aim, the camera is super slow. I think it should be faster, but idk.
  3. If you run to one side of the map where the enemy spawns, they have a force field around them and they can shoot you but you can’t shoot them. ( Moving the spawn around and/or making more than one spawn could fix that. )
  4. Some sound effects / audio is super loud. ( The Star-Wars siren sound effect thing scared me a bit. )

That’s about it. Bow person can one shot, that is a bit annoying. Anyways, great game I enjoyed it. :slight_smile:

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I spawned in with my team greatly outnumbered, getting spawnkilled almost immediately, and struggling to aim with the slow camera. It was not a pleasant experience.

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Sorry about that, should now be fixed! You can edit your sensitivity in the settings menu!