Need feedback on my new GFX!

Hello artists!
I would love to get some feedback on my new GFX I created of my character. Specifically, I would love to get feedback on the lighting because I was messing with it.
I will use the feedback for my future GFX. :+1:


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The head looks great but I dislike the stance he has. It is really nice though!

Yes, I removed the stance in my profile picture.

That looks great, it would be nice with some color though.

Awesome! I love the amount of detail with the lighting.

It’s pretty good! Although the head looks really metallic, and the pose is a bit off. The cool lighting is a nice touch. Good job! I can’t wait to see more work. :happy3:

I tried going for a smoother feel to the render, and cranked the metallic setting up to 0.3. I think I should just decrease the roughness and not increase metallic.

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