Need feedback on my Scifi Shelter build

Hi, I’ve recently been asked to create a Fallout styled underground shelter but I’m very conflicted on what the price for it should be. I just don’t feel content with what I’m being offered, and I wanted to know what other people would sell/buy this for IN USD so I could use it as a basis and set it as the price. This is probably one of the largest I’ve made (and its still not done), hence my confusion. I’ve linked some images below, please take a look and tell me what you think the price should be in USD, also, there are still around 12 rooms left to be completed so this is not all of it so keep that in mind when deciding a price. I’ve built everything besides the trees, crates, lockers, scrap boxes, and other crates. (This is just a build, no scripts or anything)

I dont know if asking for a price suggestion is allowed, but ill answer anyways, it really depends if it is scripted mostly

Oh, I wasn’t aware that we can’t ask for prices. If someone can clarify I’ll remove the post. Also it’s just the build, no scripts

As a side note, you can’t remove your own post. You can flag your own thread using “Something Else” and ask for it to be closed. As for clarifying it does not belong anywhere on the DevForum as it’s against the rules:

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No need, they just need to change the title to ask for feedback.

@blingmcqueen, just click the pencil near the title and you can change the title.

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