Need Feedback on my Town

Hello I am Goalquest37 and i would like to get feedback on my Futuristic town. Any issues with it that you point out to make it better, and go in thinking. I would like for people to tell me things related to the exterior of the building.

Thanks for Reading :slight_smile:


It looks small but It also looks nice.


Overall there’s quite a bit of work needed to make this “amazing”. I would personally add more towers, roads and vegetation. But so far so good!

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I guess you want to build a neon style town, here is a few Improvement I will do if I were you.

  1. more building with unique or other structure.
  2. more detail, such as some tree, cars, ad sign or street lamp etc.
  3. something interesting to look at.
  4. set the right time and skybox.

Starting off, it looks extremely nice! I noticed a couple things you can improve to make your futuristic city even better.

  1. Try to make the city more compact so there isn’t a huge area between each building. Think of New York City and how the buildings are nearly on top of each other, this is crucial for a futuristic city since it’s far in the future of humanity, so buildings could be stacked upon each other, just like the planet ‘Coruscant’ from Star Wars, which has hundreds of buildings that keep expanding up.

  2. Use a more futuristic sign for ‘Cafe.’ It looks more modern than futuristic, and the color of it doesn’t compliment the building’s color.

  3. Finally there is just this small error that’s bothering me, the water storage tank on the roof of one of the buildings looks like it has a misaligned leg.

Other than that great job so far!

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It looks okay, I think it lacks detail and the scenery doesn’t look too great so that might need some improvements. Then you got the building where you could of put a bit more work into it and overall this looks a bit too simple. So there is quite an amount to improve there.


I can see that you have went for a kind of High-Tech style town.

A few things to improve on could be:
1.You definitely need to add more buildings to make it look like a real town.
2.Maybe you could try adding a famous landmark or something interesting to look at.
3.You would definitely need some more detail, such as grass, floors, roads, cars, people etc.
4.Maybe a day-and-night cycle if you don’t already have one.

Best of luck in future developing.

Looks very good, but try to add some decoration to the baseplate, since it’s a bit too grey in my opinion.

Really great start so far!

Like @RowanTjeNL1 said, the baseplate color is a little too grey as it matches the color of the buildings mainly. Adding decorations will help, but I would also try figure out how to balance out the colors of the buildings and what’s on the ground (the baseplate).

Another thing I’d like to note would be the square windows for the taller skyscrapers. I would try to keep the windows more organized when you decide the randomize their appearance.

For example,

  1. The indicated windows do not align together horizontally. It would be best to try to align the windows on one side to match another side.
  2. The indicated window on the left does not align vertically with the middle, unlike the other side which does.

Lastly, this would be a good time to use Solid Modeling to create more complex shapes to add to the exterior of the buildings. Here’s an article on the Roblox Developer website if you need to know how to Solid Model: Solid Modeling – 3D Modeling With Parts

Hope this helped and best of luck with your build!
Smiles, drag32. :smiley:

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It is a good start!
How you could improve it:

  • Look at how it would look if only some windows were neon (so it looks like lights)

  • Add more details to the exterior of buildngs such as Drain pipes, a rooftop garden, something to add more green. Or you can look at some of the pipes or stuff like this

  • You could also make the neon strips on these buildings a little thinner, sometimes it makes them look more detailed and effective! image

  • Try to experiment with different futuristic ideas, do research/find images you like the look of, I always find it super helpful when I have a reference image in-front of me that I’m not copying but almost taking the parts I like put of it. I also think maybe having a few different shades of grey would help add more dimensions as from the angle you took this picture, some of the buildings blend in together!
    Hope this helps, keep up the good work :smiley:

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Very nice! I think you should add a matching sky for it and also the windows on a build aren’t equal.