Need feedback on new game

I have recently seen a lot of games on Roblox that are “stud jump” games.
So after playing a few, I decided to make my own.
(amazing stud jump game - Roblox)

I would really appreciate if I could get some feedback/suggestions! :slight_smile:
Please note that saving does not exist yet



I’m currently playing this game and I noticed that you can jump to 13.5 if you turn your character sideways.

also, what do I do with tokens?

Nothing yet. I am currently working on a shop with stuff like temporary low gravity, extra speed, etc

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Update (Version 1.02)

  • Added a platform at the end
  • Added a token currency and a shop
    • The only powerup available in the shop is low gravity for 500 tokens. More will be added in an update tomorrow morning.
  • Added Infinite Generation gamemode (not actually infinite since there is a limit)

This is a small update but more bug fixes/additions will come in the morning. (ET)

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Cool little game. i could only get to lvl 11 though and could get no higher/ Am I missing something?

In the other stud jump games there is more people so you have to work together and boost each other

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No because there can’t be collisions usually.

Maybe by doing what @42Spider_man42 said?

Read what he said:

There is collisions enabled in these games

In all games like this I played, it wasn’t.