Need feedback on Solo-Project Design

Hello there, fellow developers!

I haven’t been on here much. Now that I need feedback on my future plans for a solo-project, might aswell post something.

I’m not the type of person who builds often, and this is my first time posting about building feedback.

I was wondering if this is a pretty good start atleast? I don’t really mind criticism, so please give me your honest opinion.

Project Screenshots:

And yes, I got inspired by Erythia’s style from that RDC Video



Wow there!
This looks very nice. What I especially like is the gradient applied to the trees, I really think that looks cool.

I would like to point out that the stone blends in with other stone even when they are of different depths. For example, down below, the pillars do not stand out enough so that they can be distinguished from the stone behind it.

I suggest adding a new set of colors near that area, setting the sun pretty low down so shadows are sideways and elongated, or simply adding other lighting effects.

I do not even know if this critic is useful to you because it focuses more on lighting than building, but hope that helps!

Thanks for your feedback! Yea, I’m currently trying different lighting properties at the moment, haha.

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