Need Feedback On Terrian!

Hi Peps!

Just need some feedback on my “display case” for my locomotives once their done.


You should decorate the grass, it’s very plain. The trees don’t seem to match with the other terrain, but maybe that’s just me lol.

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The trees seem to be free models, as you have 3 duplicates.

The terrain looks nicely carved, though it could be longer.

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The terrains only for displaying models, so not much will be shown. Yes they are also free models. I will also consider grass too!

Looks good! Add more to the terrain, like rocks, bushes, and more! Also play around with the color of the grass, to see how it looks! :+1:

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Did the touch ups you guys ask for!

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Add some grass add lakes flowers, Bushes and realistic settings If you want. Add more trees as well.

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got grass and bushes, can’t add lakes and it’s already more realistic with the Atmosphere property.

Looks very nice. Its basic but nice. Though I would reccomend making your own models for trees and that so your game doesent have the same models like other games. Overall its very nice terrain!

It’s not a game, it’s just a “display case” like what @SpeedySkip did.

Use the remove terrain tool and replace that terrain with water do the settings for the water. Add water grass there as well. Find textures on the tool box place it on a block part that you don’t use. Copy the id and add the texture in the part ( grass ).

I don’t need a water feature. Can’t fit in!

Try implementing grass, flowers, and I think that the indent where the train tracks are is a bit too deep.