Need feedback on the hallways I built recently

Recently I left my position as a developer from JustAToad’s SCPF, I took a huge risk by leaving it to start off my “own site”, my plan for the site is to keep it simple looking ( low parts ) so players with low-ended PCs/laptops can enjoy the game. I accept any feedbacks if it looks bad just tell me, cheers!

PS: Still haven’t touched the lightning


Very nice. I do scripting and I been doing it since 2015. Dm me if you want more info.


It would be very nice to hear from you!

Looks very nice man. The only issue is that in the 4th pic, there are too many lights + the sink looks weird.

Thanks for the feedback! the lightning is a bit messed up at the first pic

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Wow, they look awesome! I like the lighting and texture of the rooms and hallways, reminds me of some other SCP games, but this one looks very well designed and well made!

Overall, it looks fantastic, I don’t see a change in this. Great job! :happy2:

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One slight thing that bugs me:

The rope connecting the (what seems to be) bed is not fully touching the wall, a common developer saying goes: ‘Best over do then under do’

Hope this helps!


These actually look nice! Now just make a script that plays happy music on loop as the player explores the hallways lol.