Need feedback on this stand

Hey DevForum Community! How is it going? Currently, I am making a matchmaking stand. Here is what it looks like:

Basically I am asking for full feedback. I want to do everything, including the slightest change.

If you also have a good name for the NPC, I want it also.

If you have any criticism, please let me know. Thanks! WE


It looks pretty good, all I can add is maybe make it a little less blocky and add some sort of lighting inside the stand, other than that amazing :ok_hand:

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Got the lighting in (Which looks really great in my opinion), but I don’t know how to make it not look blocky. Do you have any advice?

Perhaps using negate on the corners i.e. long block part negated and unionised on the corners.

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Ok now, do you have a good name for the NPC?

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Hmm, if it’s a stand in which things are for sale and available then maybe cashier.

Its not a cashier, also I want a real name. It is a person who stands there, and the player can sign up for the next match.

Ok, Bill, Pete or something to do with the Ocean.


use my name ‘Jasutin’ cuz im cool :sunglasses:

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