Need Feedbacks With My GFX

Hello! I Need Feedbacks With My GFX! I Will Create A New One With Your Feedbacks! :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow,that looks cool,someone could have great use of it,that GFX is awsome,if i used it,i would make an sort of ad,xd,hope this feedback helps.:wink:

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Wow, that looks really cool. Theres nothing to criticise. How is the font called?

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Since I did a factory reset on my PC, I lost the font. i am going to find it.

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Wow! That’s so cool. The only critique I have is that I would’ve have made the color of the text match the color of the light, and I wouldve have done the light stronger so it really pops out

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The lighting looks too rough, I would make it smoother.
Also I would make the clothing more metallic, with less roughness to give it a realistic touch. The text doesn’t match well with the light color, I would also change that, and the censor bar looks too bright compared to the shadows. I would make the censor bar completely black.

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Well. Thanks for your feedback. I noticed the same thing. i am looking forwards to fix it.

Wow. Thanks for making me notice it. I Am Looking Forward To Fix It!

update : i didnt fount the font but found a similar one. “NEON GLOW”

Cool, but the lighting is weird, and it’s kinda low quality, and is the face backwards? I’d say use a powerful rim light, with 2 lights infront of the character lighting the front, but not as powerful.

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Thank You for your feedback. im trying to fix everything.

That GFX looks good! However I feel like it looks a little too dark on the face.

The futuristic style of the text looks very aesthetically pleasing.

Overall I’d say this is an 8/10.

Good work!

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It looks great, but about the lightning it should be a little bit bright cuz the character doesn’t look clear because of the dark. Gl! :happy2:

Thanks mate! (30 chars)…

Thanks! This Gfx Will Become Better With Your Replies!

Thank You For making me notice it! I’m Currently Trying To Improve it!

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I love the style of the text. Render is pretty good, same with lightning.

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I would turn up to lights, use contact shadows and make a custom distance for the shadow. I can see you aimed for a rim type of lighting here. You have got the basics just crank it up. Font is pleasant. Please reminder to give yourself some credit on your artwork. :pray:

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Thank You for Your feedback! I am currently Trying to fix it.

The renders alright, It’s pretty dark, maybe the shadows could be a dark violet to make it match the text more, besides that im really wondering what that font is for future reference :wink: