Need for a roblox website feature discussion topic

So I been making posts and repeatedly they been taken down due to “improper category usage” the only good category right now is development discussion there’s 0 other categories for website features. It is crucial that roblox makes one so that we can discuss features on the website otherwise the forum won’t be as good as it can be.

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There is a website feature request category, but it is only for users with the trust level Regular.


Don’t we already have a #feature-requests:website-features category?

They need to make it for members

The reason they don’t make it for members is because regulars are more ‘trusted’ to post higher quality requests on there.

Until then, we must wait until Roblox brings back to ability to rank up.


Sorry mate. They can’t do that. Then there would be countless topics that can be solved easily or are just plain trolls.

trust mate trust

They could find a way but this is jus tthere so they can think of ways they can add other things for us can be used for feature request/bug reports


i cant wait til i become a regualer i will be able to make my own tutorials

You are a member. You can make a tutorial if you wanted to right now.


No need to fearmonger. It’s pretty safe to assume that Roblox has plans to re-enable promotions at some point in the future, unless they end up phasing out Regular entirely before then. Either way, you’d be able to post in #feature-requests eventually, so the situation would be resolved.


Yeah I hope they release it :pleading_face:

@Crazedbrick1 will 100% be accepted :sunglasses:

Depends on his ability to make constructive posts that pass through Post Approval without needing to be altered.

Already exists, #feature-requests:website-features