Need Game Devs for games I want to work on

As I am in need of money I will be paying the full amount owed when it comes time to pay when we make the money and all of it will go to the people who help work on it while the other percentages goes to other assets such as advertising and others.

Hello! I am Attacky, I am wanting to remake old 80’s-90’s game and keep their style but modernize it to what ROBLOX’s player base such as mortal combat, streets of rage, and maybe even horror games like resident evil 4 (Classics that were done well and can work well with mechanics that ROBLOX gives us).

How long will it take.
A good game takes a while and needs people to keep it running and it depends on the game and can take 3 weeks to a few months.
Why is this worth it
Its all about trying something new and trying to complete something that works and feels good while making the money to keep the operation running.
Do you have a group?
Yes I do and I will use it as a place holder group until I can get enough money for everyone to use.
At least 1 year of experience in said field
To have a good attitude and good work mindset
Knowing not to fool around and report any mayhem to me.

That is all you need to know if you want to reach me its Attacky#0213 to reach me on discord or just reach me on the devforums as I am mostly on discord it is best to reach me there.
That is all ty


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