Need help about scale tool

As we know , when we select two parts and scale them , they does not grow in the direction we selected.
Here is the problem :

As you can see there is a lot of parts that I need to scale and doing this one by one is very VERY slow.
So is there a way to scale two parts in direction we select?
(Also if you dont understand the problem , parts we selected , grows from up and right and that makes these parts unbalanced with other parts. Zoom to picture to see difference.)

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You could try using this plugin:

All you need to do is select the parts, open the plugin, enter your increment and use either ResizeObject or ResizeWorld (one or the other usually works), and you can drag in the direction you want to scale the parts.

I was faced with this issue a while ago but this plugin was a lifesaver.

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Thanks , this was an important problem.

@souppression replied with the plugin, but I’d suggest making this a texture. That’s quite a bit of parts and not needed (probably).

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I know but I think more detail is better and textures does not support this (in my opinion).