Need help determining a countdown for map / gamemode voting!

Hi, guys!

I’m developing a game, Redshift Arena: Reloaded, which is a more refined and more feature-rich version of Redshift Arena - a game that was featured back in 2018.

The current feature I am working on currently is map / gamemode voting - everything works - countdown, map selection, map loading, etc. However, I’m unsure as to what the countdown should be.
I’m thinking at minimum it could be 30 seconds, and at the max, 60 seconds.

I want to have a voting period that’s long enough for everyone to cast their votes, but also not too long to the point to where it bores players into leaving.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, guys!
lead developer

I would go with either 30 or 45 seconds as the voting time.

Most games do 30, and this seems to be plenty of time for those that actually want to vote, and doesn’t take up too much time for everyone else who’s running around purchasing things.

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I would go with 30. Gives people a short break that doesn’t last too long before getting back into the action.

30 seconds is what I’m doing for enough time to vote/visit shops.

As well as a 5 second countdown (so a total of 35 seconds) that closes all GUIs and gives the server extra time to process votes/load the map/load the gamemode.