Need help determining balanced damage formula for a game

So recently I made a game and released it. After a while, some people found a couple of issues one being how the damage system is calculated.

Let me explain, so in this game, there is no end to how much stats you can grind but the amount of experience you earn from each stat is based on your damage divided by 1000.

Because of such low rates what I’ve done is that for damage calculations I’ve simply added the strength stat onto the base damage.

So since punch is like 5 damage, and I had like 100 strength it’d do 105 damage.

But then the obvious issue is the ratios are off. For example, some abilities do 30 damage which ends up doing 130 damage which isn’t a lot more.

So, in the end, the damages are all-around 100 and I would like some sort of new formula to calculate how much damage is to be inflicted.

I have a stat and base damage for each ability.

Any feedback would be appreciated

My Formula:
local TotalDamage = BaseDamage + StrengthStat

local TotalDamage = Strength * (1 + (Damage/100)) + Damage

What about this?

If Damage was 30 and Strength was 100, TotalDamage would be 160


Definitely more unique then mine. This makes the base damage matter more. Thanks. I’ll leave this thread open for a while longer because I want to see other possible formulas.

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you could just try this, its pretty OP but:
local totalDamage = BaseDamage * StrengthStat

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local Resistance = 25 local TotalDamage = (StrengthStat / (BaseDamage / Resistance)) / 1 + ((BaseDamage / 10) % Resistance)


This. You would have to tune the base damage to be a bit lower, or the strength, either one - in order to prevent damage numbers from growing too large. But this allows scaling really well between different skills.

If you think it’s too OP, consider making strength fall off at some levels if that’s something you are considering.