Need Help Estimating Prices on a 'President Simulator' Game

Simulator Game

Hey so, I am keen on starting a game called ‘President Simulator’ and I am unsure as to how much I should spend on building/modelling and etc. Im only looking for a small map, due to this being a Small map. Looking for LOW POLY building but with some extra details.

Building should Include stuff like:

  • Game Layout
  • Buildings/ Etc
  • Modelling In game Machines
  • General Modelling ( Weapons/ Gamepass content( not the scripting )
  • Anything else related to the building aspect of this

Thank you,


It really depends on what exactly they are doing, how many buildings, machines, weapons, etc., but I would say a good starting point would be 100 USD.

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Like 6DBeing said, it all depends on what you want them to make, and 100 USD would be a pretty ideal starting point. Do you have a rough idea of how much you’d want from them? That could help with figuring pricing out.

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