Need help figuring out advanced vfx and camera movements

So I’ve been developing a fighting game, and VFX is something that is extremely crucial to the player experience for this game. I’m pretty good at working with particles and beams, it’s just there are some effects that I’ve seen that just blow me away and I’m really curious as to how they are achieved. I would hire a vfx artist but I currently do not have the funds to hire one.

Basically I would just like to know if anyone has any advanced vfx resources that I can use. I am looking for anything that involves screen effects like impact frames, or whole area changing vfx like domain expansions. Or general vfx tips are helpful as well.

I am also trying to figure out how some games have such incredibly fluid camera movements. When I try scripting the camera through tweens, it looks super rough and jagged. I’ve tried bezier curves for the camera, but that doesn’t really have the fluidity I’m looking for. And I’ve seen that moon animator has camera movements but I can’t really use those for scripting purposes.