Need help fixing this

So I animated this and I am trying to make the character bigger. I scaled it and it looks like this:

But when I test it out, it looks like this


How do I fix this? Is there a certain code I need to write to fix this?

How do I fix this? Can anyone please help me?

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Messing around with character sizes in Roblox is really complex and confusing due to the adverse use of motor6D and other joints, soooo I’d suggest you to try scaling down the game model (chairs) that you’re using instead of trying to scale up the characters…

Goodluck and Godspeed with your game!

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IF you are going to scale up or down at playing time, the motor6Ds shall be disabled when scaling I think. May you need script.

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How would I fix that though? What would be the script that I would need to implement?

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I suggest you to load a new HumanoidDescription at server once activated.

Noted that LoadCharacterWithHumanoidDescription Func shall be used in sever side.

As per doc here: HumanoidDescription | Roblox Creator Documentation

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