Need help for a game teleporting screen

hello fellow developers,

i have some questions. how do you do a custom teleporting screen when teleporting to a game? i need this for a minigame that i’m releasing / planning soon. do you guys know the scripts for this?

all i need is:

  • the script for it
  • testers

if you want to help me, please contact me. :slight_smile:

Don’t ask people to make entire scripts or systems for you.

jeez just wanted to ask for the script.

I understand but before you ask for help, remember to look if theres already an existing script.

its always great to just try and do it yourself and if youre getting errors then u can ask just community.

i checked, but there wasn’t any.

i am not good at scripting… which makes me kinda sad, since i don’t know how to script.

learn the basic and also read the docs use this

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i’m learning the basics, i only can know spinning parts and so stuff.

You could use a RemoteEvent to fire a client script to fade in a frame on StarterGui.

	for i = 1,20 do
		ExampleFrame.BackgroundTransparency -= .05

You could use TweenService for the fade in, but I just used a for loop instead.

Also, are you asking for a full script? If so, are you willing to pay for it?

i am not asking for a full script, i am asking for a solution.

You can create a custom gui and then use the code below to set it as your teleport gui:

local Player=game:GetService("Players").LocalPlayer
local teleportService=game:GetService("TeleportService")
local myTeleportGui=Player:WaitForChild("PlayerGui"):WaitForChild("MyCustomTeleportGui") 


This would be a localscript placed in the StarterPlayerScripts folder