Need help for ideas on how to implement decals

Hey, I’m not used to posting threads outside of the really specific categories like Scripting Support, Building Support etc. so this might be the wrong category. Please correct me if it is.

So, I’ve got this idea to recreate an area from a game as a sort of 3D-fanart type showcase thing. Note that I’m not so concerned about copyright or whatever in the idea by itself, because it’s really unlikely that I’ll ever actually publish it to Roblox; most of my showcases stay as local files (I’ll say it here because I know someone’s gonna raise that point even though that’s not what I’m asking)

Anyway, I’m stuck in the planning phase of the build, wondering how I’m going to implement certain decorations present in the area I’m trying to recreate. The game makes heavy use of decals like posters, stickers, graffiti, and that sort of thing.

I obviously don’t want to just use ripped assets from the game, because even though the place itself probably won’t be published, all assets uploaded to Roblox are, and that raises all sorts of copyright issues that wouldn’t otherwise be present.

The two main ideas I’ve come up with so far are making sort of my own bootlegged versions of the decals with different icons and text, or just omitting them entirely. I’ve also thought about just making plain-colour versions of the images without any text or graphics, but I’m not sure how that would look in the finished build.

I’ve thought about the pros and cons of each of these options, but I still can’t decide. The first one would take the most work but would have the post payoff, the second one is the easiest but doesn’t look as good, and the third one is somewhere in the middle effort-wise but would probably look weird in the end.

Which one of these two (three?) should I go with?
Thank you in advance.