Need help for making FNAF look left and right camera system?

Hello! It’s been a while since my last topic. So today I have been up to something else. It is one of Scott Cawthon’s games… Five Night’s At Freddy’s. Currenty I am developing Five Night’s At Freddy’s 4 in roblox for the people to enjoy in roblox’s version!

So I need help to where should I start in making a look left and right camera system. You know what I am talking about right? The thing when you hover your mouse to the left, the camera will look to the left. Then if you hover your mouse to the right, the camera will look to the right. Basically called: “Look Left/Right Camera system”… for me lol.

Since I am new to these kinds of stuff. I am new to camera and mouse too. So any help you offer me is appreciated! I need help where should I start or something.

Overall, if you had any ideas, suggestions, questions, do let me know in the replies section below!

Possible questions I might get asked:

You people: Are you sure that’s all you need?
My answer: Yes. All I need is your help of how to make a look left and right camera system like Five Night’s At Freddy’s.

You people: You need help with rigging animatronics?
My answer: No for now. I actually finished rigging EVERY animatronic in FNAF 4. But in future cases, I might need help from you rigging something complex. Maybe…

Again, all help is appreciated! Thanks in advance!

The way I did it was to set 2 invisible GUI boxes at either side of the screen, it then just tweens the camera to a specific rotation once the mouse is hovered over the respective GUI.