Need help getting the value of a table in DataStore2 and incrementing value

I have an in-game shop system and I’m attempting to transition over to DataStore2. Right now, I need help with getting the value of a table I added with DataStore2 and incrementing that value.

I can’t just use the value in the for loop, since it won’t be saved through DataStore2 for some unknown reason, and I can’t find any other way to somehow grab the specific index of the inventory table in my DS2 data storage.

My brain’s melted, begging anyone to help me.

for index,value in pairs(inventory:GetTable(invModule)) do
			if tonumber(index) == tonumber(id) then
				local succ,err = pcall(function()
					if coins:Get(1000) >= value.Price then
						--where I need this to go
				if not succ then

yes im bumping this since out of 13 people looking at this, one person can attempt a reply.