Need help, I keep getting MouseButton1Click attempt to index with nil

I keep getting this error and i don’t understand how to fix it I have tried fixing it but have failed

Error -Players.CheeseBaconPro464.PlayerGui.Menu.Main.Script.FreezeTemplate.Script:1: attempt to index nil with ‘MouseButton1Click’ - Studio

I do now know it has something to do with the script that is doing it because without the script it does not do it.

Can you show the script so we know what were dealing with here

I found out why it was not working something with the set custom char script was effecting with the gui but finally fixed it thank you for being there to help.

This is because the instance you are trying to call “MouseButton1Click” is not a valid instance i.e it’s a frame or something else but not a TextButton or an ImageButton.

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