Need help in how to transfer my build from my own place, to another place

im helping someone with a game, and i have to make some models, ill probably be making them in my own place, I need to know how to transfer the model into the other game

ik some of this sounds dumb, but thanks

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You can just open up both places in Studio at once, copy the model you want to move (Ctrl+C), and then go to the place you want to move it and paste (Ctrl+V).


You can do what @ChipioIndustries said. Alternatively, you can publish them as models and allow copying so your friend can take them and insert them.


he can also just copy them close the place that he is working, and open the new one them paste.
i use this all the time.
i preffer that way so i dont need to open another studio.

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wow, people really do reply fast here


I use this method:

  1. Select the finished model(s) in explore , right click mouse and save to a file.
  2. Use a descriptive name for the file.
  3. Then open the destination project and do “Insert from file” by right clicking Workspace and selecting it.
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You could turn the model into a rbxm by right clicking the model then click save to file as. Then drag and drop the file into the new studio.


Thank you! I stumbled upon a problem somewhat like this (my StarterGui disappeared from my Explorer for some odd reason), so I had to find a way to move my buildings to another game with the StarterGui. Absolute lifesaver.