Need help making a GUI that appears once someone buy a specific gamepass

I need help making a GUI that appears when someone buy a certain Gamepass.
Ex : Thanks For Purchasing (Name Of the Gamepass).
Add me on BanModels#8451 to help me.

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This category is not for asking people to make you systems.
Please make sure to read the guidlines:

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Yes but i can’t find what categories it is

Have you looked through the wiki already?, or the devforum?, What exactly is the problem?

if you are looking to find someone to hire then this topic belongs in the #collaboration:recruitment

You can hire people within #collaboration:recruitment

Im not looking for someone to hire, i just need a script that can make a gui appears when someone buy something

if you are asking for scripts The devforum isn’t a place for that ( from what i have been told and seen) , especially in #help-and-feedback:scripting-support(even so this type of topic is loosely more related to the #collaboration category) , trying looking through the wiki /devforum first( if you haven’t already, if so state in your OP that you have) and then posting in the scripting support category for help on what to fix from something you have already composed

dont take this offensive in any sort of way, believe it or not i am trying to help :grinning:

Here are some resources :

Marketplace: For When the GamePass Purchase is finished

Gui Stuff:

Server to Client things:


Please do not abuse support categories!