[NEED HELP!] Modeling

Hi, I was modeling a ground crew stick for ro-aviation, but I encountered this problem.

I want the top to be a square, and the body is a cylinder. But, I end up with this.

How would I make it so the square fits the cylinder, and those “scrap” parts are gone? I tried knife tool but I don’t know how to delete only those spaces.


Wait so do you want the square to be smaller?

Do you want the foot to be square-shaped but instead of the edge between square and circle, it’s molded together? Delete the square face closest to the circle, select the remaining square face and the closest circle edge, then use Edge > Bridge Edge Loops.

this is a bit confusing. if you want the square to fit a cylinder, get rid of it, and just get another cylinder that matches the bottom of that one, just make it shorter?

I wanted the top to be a square, and the body to be a cylinder. This means I wanted to see if there was a way to make the square perfectly fit into the cylinder, and cut all the extra pieces that stick out. I’m sorry it’s a bit confusing.

I would do that but I want the top to be a square. That is the problem.

you cant get a square to fit the shape of a cylinder without it being a circle. could you give us a better view and clearer explanation of what you need?

I’m having trouble understanding what shape you want. You want the top of the mesh to be flat but you want the rest of it to be curved? Are you thinking of something like this?

If you could be more specific, that would be helpful.

I’m not sure if this is possible, but I want the bottom part to be a cylinder and as it gets to the top i Want the top to be a square. So like it turns from a cylinder at the bottom to fit the cylinder body, and the top is a square.