Need help naming a store

Making a supplies store, it mainly focuses on selling tools for destroying stuff in the game, need help with name ideas. It mainly bombs, rockets, tnt, etc. I have a few ideas, but I don’t know what I should go with.

Store Name
  • Splodys. splodies, splodeys (Say in commnents)
  • Boom Inc
  • Boom R Us
  • Boom Town
  • Boomtopia
  • Other (Comments)

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based on the results right now, the threeway of Splodys. splodies, splodeys is winning. I don’t know which one would work best.

Personally, I really love the sound of Explosivworks. I think it could be a cool name for a dangerous, explosive supplies store.

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I like Boom R Us, but i recommend adding an s. So, Booms R Us

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good idea, enjoy the heart, hopefully the poll gets more votes.


Poll is now closed, using an idea from the comments, Explosivworks

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