Need help on adding more details to some rooms

Hello developers,

recently I’ve been trying to achieve a rank in a Roblox group that you may or may not know, called “Innovation Inc.”

The rank I’ve been trying to receive is “Researcher L1”, but that requires a good degree of building, and I feel like some of the rooms in my submission are too rare.

FYI, for my submission, a submitted a “secret facility” type game.
The following rooms in particular have been problematic for me:

Supposed to be the facilities “maintenance” or engineering sector, but I just feel like it lacks detail.

Supposed to be a Security Office, however its noticeably bare, and I’m unsure what to add.

I would greatly appreciate any advice on what to add, thank you.

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Both rooms lack simple creature comforts you could add like chairs and desk lamps.

I’d imagine a real engineering sector would be plastered with schematics, papers, pencils, whiteboards. Even some generic office-esque objects like filing cabinets and coffee mugs would make it feel more “lived in”

Security office should have security lockups, a weapons cabinet, a wall covered in monitors. Riot gear. A medical kit on the wall. Maybe even a detention cell. Utilitarian comforts here and there like steel benches, folding chairs. Maybe some awards like trophies and medals?


Although simple (which isn’t necessarily bad), I think those ideas are great, thank you!

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