Need help on feedback about my horror game

As the topic says , any feedback on the map?

Could you link the game so we can play it?

I’m afraid that I won’t be able to link as it’s currently in developement. But I was saying do you have any feedback on the building

The map looks very clean for the most part and does emit an eerie vibe, one thing to say though is that you could make the tables fit more with the horror theme.

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Add a skirting board and the tables look too high and they don’t look like they fit as @exp_lol123 has mentioned.


If you make the game first person instead of third person, it will give the player more of a feel that they are there.

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It is in first person. It’s just that if i’m being in first person in studio , I just can’t get out of the (“testing”) game

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Like that ?

Map is decent, but I feel like much more detail and more darkness would make this way scarier.

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Maybe you could add some things that trick the human eye into seeing different things, like if you do something monster shaped far away and when they get close its nothing scary, this way it will make them feel like they dont know which is which

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Yes it looks a bit better but maybe you could put papers on the tables and if it is cafeteria then you could put spilled drinks and rotten food.

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This feels like a back rooms game, with a bit more textures and furnitures

Is there a reason the tables are floating?

Uhhh the tables aren’t floating