Need help on making shotgun jumping

I have recently gotten into the world of development and i’m trying my best to make a FPS game, But because I can’t really script I need help. What i need help on is a script that will let me shotgun jump like in arsenal, if anyone has any tips of a way to make it please leave a reply.

This is basically my my shooting script rn:

local plr = game.Players.LocalPlayer
local ms = plr:GetMouse()
local useable = false

function shot()
if useable == true then
script.Parent.CoolDown2.Disabled = true
local bullet =“Part”)
bullet.Shape = “Ball”
bullet.Size =,0.4,0.4)
bullet.Parent = game.Workspace
bullet.CFrame = ms.Hit
bullet.Anchored = false
bullet.Transparency = 1
bullet.CanCollide = false
function hits(s)
if s.Parent:FindFirstChild(“Humanoid”) then
s.Parent.Humanoid.Health = s.Parent.Humanoid.Health - 50
script.Parent.CoolDown2.Disabled = false

useable = true
useable = false

I just edited a free model script.strong text


Before trying to take on a task like this I’d recommend you learn more about programming, as this can be quite the hefty task and a hard one at that. However, if you were to go attempt it here are a few things I’d recommend you to improve on. Firstly, you’ll need to use RemoteEvents and use sanity checks on the server to make sure there aren’t any exploiters. For the knockback, however, I assume you’ll have to use vectorForces/ body velocities.

Thank you for the help and I will use your tips!

I think you can make that using body force when the shotgun is shot in a certain angle, apply the force on the opposite direction of the shotgun

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Yes, it’s a very trivial task. If the gun type is a shotgun when they shoot apply a body force equivalent to the opposite (-vector) of the vector from the raycast. Then have it’s magntiude be x force factor