Need help on this line of code

I’ve been stuck on this one line for a bit. Basically what I want the script to do is create new frames if the players is holding down a key (it’s in a while loop). Every time a new frame is created, I want it so that it rotates and slowly changes its position so that it could make a arc, but this line kept giving me errors. Here’s the line:

newFrame.Position = + .001, 0, oldFrame.Position.Y + .01, 0)

I’d really appreciate it if you could help. Thank you!

Position contains 2 UDims inside of it which contain a Scale an an offset, you’re trying to add .001 to an UDim, which errors. In your case, just put .Scale infront of X and Y

newFrame.Position = + .001, 0, oldFrame.Position.Y.Scale + .01, 0)

Thank you. I tried this before but it must of been a typo.