Need help producing a swinging effect without using physics

I want to make a swinging mechanic like what is shown in this video: at around roughly 2:30 into the video

I don’t want to use physics as they can be extremely janky, and all I need is the basis of how I’d make the swinging works so I can move forward from there

I don’t mind hard coding this if 100% necessary, and any solution that works will be accepted as long as it isn’t insanely long.

I’ve tried using physics and the only other thing I can think of would be maybe tweening the humanoidrootpart to the point where the grapple hits and playing an animation however I have not tried this yet.

If anything involves complicated maths like trigonometric functions I’m not that good at math so I apologize if I get a bit confused

I do have to go right now, and will check back asap tomorrow, all suggestions are welcome and thank you all in advance ^-^

Have a good night!

Edit: Could potentially tween the player based on pi around the grapple’s position

I’m not sure about this as I’m not much with stuff other than programming so maybe try something having to do with ropes and welds?

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Rope constraints use physics and I in this case can’t do that

My only other idea is very finicky and time consuming, but you could use TweenPosition relative to the HumanoidRootPart’s current Position or CFrame.