Need help setting up github to pull a list from it

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To pull a list of codes from github

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I haven’t worked with github at all, and am unsure of how to set it up

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Messed with creating files and the code and what not, but I can’t seem to be able to pull the code into roblox properly. I don’t know if there’s a certain way to publish it or what but it’s been difficult.

Essentially all I’m trying to do is create a list that I can get from github. Could anyone give me some pointers as to how to set it up on the github side?

From what I understand to pull the list all I have to do is

local HttpService = game:GetService(“HttpService”)

local code = HttpService:GetAsync(“github link”, true)

local list = loadstring(code)

Correct? But I have no idea how to set up the code on github. Any help at all would be great!!

Technically it is possible, but you most likely will need a proxy and this isn’t really secure. If you’re looking into updating code automatically for multiple games, look into Packages or MainModules.

Well, that’s for DataStoreService. If you’re not planning on updating the list, then you should use a MainModule or Package.

If you’re doing this across games (not places) then you should use a different website, since I believe Roblox blocked requests to GitHub a few years back.

Ah, dang. Yeah the purpose is to have the ability to update the list across all places (not games) at once. Github is important as when I’m on bad internet I could still use it, but studio itself won’t load on bad internet. It’s definitely a fringe case.

The list would be used for redeem codes and the like.

Yeah, this makes sense. The examples provided used paste bin to paste stuff but that data doesn’t last long.

I recommend using a MainModule in your case. Just make it return the list in table format.

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Gotcha! Thank you for your help

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Why would you need a proxy? Roblox doesn’t block requests issued to ‘’ pages. I agree with the ‘ModuleScript’ named ‘MainModule’ solution though as it doesn’t require the ‘HttpService’.

Oh, I must’ve confused that with Discord.