Need Help sorting Gamepasses out!

Im no scripter, and this could be a minor script problem, but my gamepass scripts are acting a bit strange. A error occurs saying ‘’ The Purchased of ( insert gamepass ) failed because something went wrong. Your account has not been charged, try again later’’

Maybe this is some sort of minor problem with my code?

( Heres a picture)

Please share the code so we can help.

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Would be glad to help Dm me if you need it


In order to properly prompt gamepasses you are going to need to use MarketplaceServices PromptGamePassPurchase as seen here.

MarketplaceService:PromptGamePassPurchase(player, gamepassid)

You could go about making sure that your script emphasizes that you are prompting a gamepass with that function above on the contrary of PromptPurchase, which can help you with your problem.

If the problem persists then ensure that your gamepass is on sale.

Good luck :slight_smile:


Typically these messages are representative of internal errors out of your control, but can’t know for sure without seeing your code. If your problem is a non-abstract one for Scripting Support, you should always strive to supply code so we can see your implementation to further assess the root of the issue.

I’m pretty sure MarketplaceService methods don’t run in a Studio test.

They do.

I meant they can’t prompt purchases without erroring, is that false also?

That is false too. Purchases in Studio are pseudotransactions. You’ll notice at the bottom it says “this is a test purchase” when prompted. No Robux is charged but the purchase is simulated for the current test session.


Right lemme release the code:

Unsure if this will help, but this is ( what I think is) my main gamepass link area.

Everything is Linked, all IDS are linked up and on the go

That isn’t actually the part of the script where the prompt is displayed. What you’re showing is nothing to do with Game Passes but it is actually a product purchase handler.

Your issue could be because you are confusing Products with Passes.
Take a look at this page: