Need help stopping repeat until

Hey, I need to make it so that when the frame’s healthbar.X.Scale reaches to 0.9 the frame will stop reducing it size, however it did not stop. How would I make this stop…?

		repeat wait()
			Health.Size = Health.Size -,0,0,0)
			Health.Size ==,0,0.25,9)

It’ll never stop repeating, since if it’s a Healthbar chances are you’re getting a HUGE decimal number as you’re dividing the Health/MaxHealth every time you’re listening for the Size Frame (Probably something like 0.59485384058)

You’d probably need to look at something relevant to this if you want to round the numbers, or you could just use <= if you want the size to stop looping there:

or just learn tweening, our friend’s loop seems like an attempt to get such a result

Use TweenService or call break when it’s above 0.9.

It’s a billboardgui, and if I were to use tweening it’ll result to like this:

It’d break its circular form, and If I were to not clip descendants, it’ll result to like this: