Need Help / Suggestions For Cafe / Restaurant System

So, Im making a games that you can do a lot of things in that (if you want) all connect together to a story which you can play in. There is a system where you can open your own restaurant to gain reputation to upgrade it to get higher in the game and the games story. So far here is my system.


  • Players Will Be Able To Open Their Own Plot For Free.
  • Players Can Buy Free Droppers, But Will Need To Pay For Food Packages
  • The Food Packages Will Be Able To Go Onto Droppers
  • Players Can Open Their Own “Stand” Once They Have Enough Food.
  • Once Players Open Their Stands, NPCS will come by and ask for a certain mix of sauces (These are a unlimited quantity) with the food, or a different mix of food. You will have to tap the right food in order once it shows in your menu screen which will be in your personal Kitchen which is where droppers and packages would be placed.
  • If Players do the orders right, their plot’s reputation goes up, if they dont, well it goes down.
  • The more reputation will unlock a bigger stand, into a food truck, then a cafe, then a big cafe, then a Fine-Dining Restaurant (I might change that and make big cafe the last, but im not sure.)

I would like to mention that you could also put ADs up for your plot whenever you reach cafe level. This will be something where a player can input one ad for the server (the higher the reputation the more it shows) and they can put a decal and then text and their plot number will show below it.

Isn’t it just restaurant tycoon with unecessary features?

However, would be better if you made a graph, video or gameplay.

what are some features you find unnecessary? I’ll keep them in mind, I wanna find a way to make players build a tycoon but still adding a restaurant / ordering system into it that is fun and not unnecessary. I still am working on the gameplay though with a scripter for the game.