Need help with a webhook

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I recently made a discord webhook but ran into an issue that I need help resolving, whenever I buy something (this is a buying webhook) the first time it only does one prompt. When I buy it again it gives two prompts. I’m looking for a way to get rid of this any ideas?

Can you send a picture of your problem.

With this I am buying the item now we move to the problem (This is the first purchase)

This is the first purchase in which it works right

Now we move onto the second purchase which is where things go wrong.

It has connected the first ping with the new one which consists of 2 boxes this bug occurs due to me buying the product a second time but im looking for a solution where it only pings once for each purchase and doesn’t show 2 if I purchase it a second time.

Can you post scripts, my first thought is that you are actually repeating the creation of a webhook. I remember that happened to me with discord.js. I will check how to fix that, but please send me the necessary scripts.

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If you don’t send the script than we can’t help. I have an idea about the problem but I need to see code to find the real solution.

don’t forget to also know us what’s the problem, because I see it’s perfectly fine

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